this must be the place


this must be the place is a personal research about land, place and home, describing an exploration, perception and interpretation of landscape, led by intuition and emotional state. The artist, who hasn’t lived and worked in one place for more than some months over the last years, asked herself some questions about home, origin, memories and identity: how does a place/scene come into existence? By loading it with sentiments, needs, habits? Does the concept of home still have relevance in the light of countries growing together, borders disappearing, and the speed and frequency in which we travel from one place to another?

Bärbel Praun, born 1978 in Southern Germany, studied photography & media at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld (2000-06). She lives everywhere yet nowhere (currently in Vienna). Artist in Residencies in Austria and Luxembourg (2012), Finland (2013), Lithuania (2014), Switzerland (2015) and in Portugal (2016/17). Solo and group shows in amongst others Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Switzerland, Latvia and Lithuania. First self-published book ‘this must be the place’ (2015, Ed. 50+5, 29×40 cm, Lessebo paper, hand bound, texts by Paola Paleari and Jana Duda)

Storck is pleased to host this exhibition organized by sans, a newly established mobile pop-up photography gallery based in Oslo. Focused on contemporary art photography, we aim to showcase work from emerging international artists through a running series of pop-up exhibitions and small publications.